A SPARK is a company dedicated to being a one call solution for all of your advertising and marketing needs for small to large businesses in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

    Our Philosophy - We offer a unique approach to meet your needs: It's simple, we listen. As new media evolves, A SPARK is adapting to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Our Creative Director

    PrestoMagic, has been an artist all of his life, and started freelancing as an illustrator, when he was still in his teens.

    Past Experience: Lead Creative Director, Production Manager/Director, Systems Administrator, Graphic Designer, Production Artist, HD Videographer, 3D Animator, Interactive Designer, Webmaster, Prepress Manager, Software Trainer, Systems Consultant.

Almost everybody has heard the story about the longest journey beginning with the first footstep. We disagree. It begins in our grey matter, when we stop thinking about the journey and take the step. In our brain, the spark goes from thought and turns into action. Neurons’ electric signals move along axons to the synapse to another neuron. This electrical signal, called the action potential, is the foundation for our business name, A SPARK.


We have a genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals and dreams.


Ambition, drive, and persistence to stay focused on the key tasks.


If you persevere, you will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Preston Clark delivers without fail in his field. There is no one I trust more to take my rough creative vision and turn it into something even better than I imagined. –Dani Custodio, Licensed Realtor

  • His artistic and business skill are extremely high and he has helped many clients reshape their marketing/advertising strategies to achieve their goals. –Gerhard Adler, SNI Support Specialist

  • ... he impressed with his ability to see the larger picture outside of the retail box. Preston was always coming up with ideas to implement his technical expertise to improve company processes, expand marketing, and streamline training efforts. –Ben Bodmer, Sportsman's Warehouse

  • The artwork you performed for our company logos are holding their integrity even after a year. The logos on the front door still looks like it was applied yesterday! Great Job from all of us at J-Bar-B. If there are any more opportunities, I will not hesitate to contact you to get the job done. Your work and integrity are well noted and appreciated. Good luck with your future opportunities. –John O'Higgins, J-BAR-B

  • We have been extremely pleased with with his attention to detail, his creativity and his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction with the finished product. He is pleasant to work with and is aggressive on meeting deadlines Many times, it's a challenge to find vendors who deliver what they promise. Preston is one of the few who actually deliver, and it's a pleasure working with him. –Tracy Hyde, BRAINSTORMS

  • They had my signs done in timely manner and at a great price. Preston is organized, efficient and extremely competent. He was easy to get a hold of and returned all calls. –Scott Johns, Cabela's GM Hamburg

  • Preston is a gifted and creative artist who is also exceptionally strong on the technical production side. This combination allows him to deliver exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as a great-looking and practical finished product. I have used him for print, video, animation and digital media, and he is strong in each of these. –MIke Arnold - CTO